Who are your playoff picks? Local residents weigh-in

By Doug Kennedy

Before the playoffs started on Saturday, I thought there were eight or nine teams that might hoist the cup.

With the first four games going to overtime, it is clear the playoffs are going to be exciting to watch. I asked 22 people on Sunday to give me their two picks for the Stanley Cup final. Toronto was the top choice for a final playoff spot.

The great thing about this year is we will have a Canadian team to cheer for in the Stanley Cup semi-finals. I am not sure where they will have to play but hopefully it is on Canadian soil.

Toronto has not won a playoff round since 2004. They have made some great additions to break this streak. At the start of the season they signed T.J. Brodie, which really helped their defense. They added play-off and seasoned veterans Joe Thorton and Wayne Simmonds. These two will be great leaders in the dressing room, along with Jason Spezza. Nick Foligno and Riley Nash were great pickups at the deadline. My only worry with the Leafs is are they good enough in net to win in the playoffs?


I have listed the predictions below.

  • Ben Lobb-Toronto-St. Louis
  • Dave Patterson –Washington-Vegas
  • Bill Pym-Toronto-Tampa Bay
  • Jordan Beisel-Carolina-Colorado
  • Kim Roy-Toronto-Vegas
  • Wilson Shipp-Colorado-Boston
  • Cathy Alcombrack-Toronto-Vegas
  • Ryker Killins-Toronto-Colorado
  • Garret Macfadden-Toronto-Colorado
  • Mike Eadie-Toronto-Islanders
  • Gerrit Satosek-Toronto-Colorado
  • Jeremy Beaty-Florida-Colorado
  • Dax Glover-Tampa Bay-Toronto
  • Brent Armstrong-Toronto-Colorado
  • Brian Crozier-Vegas-Florida
  • Steve Stepaniak-Carolina-Colorado
  • Jacob Hunsburger-Toronto-Colorado
  • Frank Teahen-Boston-Colorado
  • Peter Wolfe-Toronto-Washington
  • Jay Bell-Colorado-Toronto
  • Brian O’Leary-Tampa Bay-Vegas
  • Geoff Gunson-Vegas-Edmonton

My four division winners are The Islanders, Colorado, Winnipeg and Florida. Colorado wins the Cup.

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