Introducing your new members of council for Kincardine and Huron-Kinloss

By Hannah MacLeod

Kenneth Craig is the new mayor of Kincardine following Monday night’s municipal election. Craig saw 2,776 votes, (59.3 per-cent), against Laura Haight’s 1,905, (40.7 per-cent).
Joining Craig as deputy mayor will be Andrea Clarke, who had 2,838 votes, (60.8 per-cent), against Gerry Glover’s 960, (20.6 per-cent), and Uli Hack’s 867, (18.6 per-cent).
In Kincardine, Ward 1 candidates Beth Blackwell and Doug Kennedy were acclaimed. In Ward 2, Bill Stewart took the lead with 668 votes, (54.4 per-cent). Taking Ward 3 was Amanda Steinhoff-Gray with 474 votes, (68.7 per-cent).
Elected councilors-at-large were as follows: Rory Cavanagh with 2,788 votes, (23.4 per-cent), Mike Hinchberger with 2,814 votes, (23.6 per-cent) and Jennifer Prenger with 1,927 votes, (16.2 per-cent).
Voter turnout was 6.1 percent higher than in the 2018 election, with 45.1% of eligible voters casting their vote.
The inaugural session of the new Municipality of Kincardine council meeting will be on November 16, at 5 p.m.
In Huron-Kinloss, Don Murray, past deputy mayor, has now been elected the Mayor of Huron-Kinloss. Murray had 1,650 votes, (55.5 per-cent), over Angela Thompkins’ 1,248 votes and Roxy Bergman’s 73 votes, (2.5 per-cent).
James Hanna joins Murray as the new deputy mayor with 1,914 votes, (66.7 per-cent), over Perry Elliott’s 956 votes, (33.3 per-cent)
Joining Murray and Hanna at the council table will be Larry Allison, with 1,528 votes, (13.3 per-cent), Shari Flett, with 1,541 votes, (13.4 per-cent), Scott Gibson, with 1,691 votes, (14.7%), Ed McGugan, with 1,726 votes (15 per-cent), and Carl Sloetjes, with 1,793 votes, (15.6 per-cent).
Both incumbents, Jan Johnstone will continue as the Bluewater District School Board Trustee, with 4,530 votes, while Lori Di Castri will continue as the Grey-Bruce Catholic District School Board Trustee, with 548 votes.

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