Burn permits now available in Municipality

By Tammy Schneider

Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Residents who have been missing a backyard fire can now apply for burn permits online, as well as in person at the fire station on Mahood Johnston Drive.

As of Jan. 15, residents wishing to purchase a permit online have been directed to https://mok.burnpermits.com/login to set up an account. Once that is complete, payment can be made online through ‘Square One’ with debit or credit. Cash purchases should be made in person.

Fire prevention officer Shane Watson suggests that anyone purchasing a permit should read the terms and conditions carefully, so they are informed as to what the permit entitles them to do and conditions they must adhere to.

The type of permit purchased determines the length of time it is valid for and the cost of the permit.

A recreational burn permit is valid for the calendar year in which it is purchased, and costs $20, as does the open air burning permit.  An agricultural burning permit is valid for seven days and costs $20.

The special occurrence burning permit can only be granted by the chief fire official or the designate. The cost of the permit is $20.

A house, barn or similar burning permit can only be granted by the chief fire official or the designate, and is only valid for one day. The cost of the permit is $50 and those applying for this permit are asked to see the terms and conditions in open air burning permits, for additional instruction.

All permits, except the recreational burning permit, require the permit holder to notify (844) 777-0443 before any burning takes place.

The terms and conditions also list all items that can and cannot be burned.

If applicants have additional questions not covered on the https://mok.burnpermits.com/login website, they do have the option of calling Kincardine Fire and Emergency Services for assistance. Do not call 911, call the fire station at 519-396-2141 or email kinfire@kincardine.ca.

“Kincardine Fire and Emergency Services are always trying to serve the community as best we can,” said Watson. “This new online process adds another layer to allow the community to apply for burn permits online from the comfort of their home, while still offering in-person service for those that choose to do so. Safety is always our priority and we also recognize the times we are currently in. This is another reason why we are launching the online platform, to promote people and families staying at home while continuing to attain what they need, whether it’s an approved fire to clear brush for crops, or a camp fire with your loved ones.”

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