Sports Shorts – McDonald wins back to back club championships

By Doug Kennedy

Mike McDonald defeated Bill Shewfelt in a playoff hole at the Kincardine golf course on Sunday afternoon, to take the club championship for the second year in a row. McDonald is a daily golfer at the course and has  taught a lot of young kids over the years. He is very good with the young kids that want to learn about the game. Judie Hunter won the ladies club championship. The senior championship was won by Sean Morris and the super senior winner was Wally Jirgens.

At Ainsdale this past weekend they hosted the senior men’s club championship. Marv Glazier is the senior club champion. The B-flight champion was Al Bowers, while the C-flight Champion was Michael Fauteux. The D-flight winner was Brian Rhody.



My favourite professional sport to watch on television has always been baseball. With playoffs being expanded to 16 teams, there will be a lot of excitement in many cities including Toronto, as they are currently in the eighth spot in the American League.

It was an interesting week from the Blue Jays as their best player, Bo Bichette, got hurt last Sunday, but they went on a six-game winning streak. This just proves how much of a team sport baseball is. The big free agent signing of Hyun-Jin Ryu gives them a quality pitcher at the front end of their rotation. Pitching is at the top of the list for successful teams. The Los Angeles Dodgers are the best example of this, as they continue to draft top notch pitchers.

It looks like the New York Yankees and the Tampa Bay Rays are going to be at the top of their division. But with the playoffs expanded to eight American League teams this gives the Blue Jays a good chance, if they can play a little above 500 baseball, to get to play in the opening best-of-three playoff round.



The Toronto Raptors head coach, Nick Nurse, was named coach of the year in the NBA. To me this means some great future success for this NBA franchise. He seems to be so well respected around the league which could help attract top free agents.


The NFL looks like it will play with empty stadiums for the start of its season. With rosters at 90 players,  it will be tough to keep teams COVID- 19 free for the whole season.



I was lucky enough to get to know Dale Hawerchuk a little bit when I was the manager of the Kincardine Bulldogs. I will never forget the first time he called me about a 16-year-old player on our team. We had just lost out in playoffs and he wanted him to finish the season with Hawerchuk’s Orangeville OJHL Team. I think I called a couple friends about who had just called me  before I called the player to ask him about playing for the Orangeville Crushers. Hawerchuk took the prospect into his home for the last two months of the season. That pretty much explains what type of person Hawerchuk was; one of the greatest players to play the game of hockey, and he was the same way off the ice. A life taken too early at 57.



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