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July 17, 1931 – April 11, 2023

Harold Robert Helfenstein (born in Carshalton, England on July 17, 1931) passed away in Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia and found peace from the ravages of cancer on April 11, 2023. Harold predeceased his three siblings in Switzerland.
He and his wife Carol spent many years in the Teeswater area.
Harry, as he was called in Canada, was a well-known, successful farmer in Bruce County, and later co-owner of the Teeswater News for ten years.
He leaves to mourn his beloved wife Carolyn Elizabeth (Muir). Also their three children: daughter Suzanne a physiotherapist and Robert and David, both professional pilots, who even today enjoy repeating their own farm tales of their childhoods to their children: Connor and Aidan, Sophie and Nathan, Melanie, Jasmine and Megane.
As a very young man, Harry spent two years in Switzerland working on mountain farms and later, back in England, was accepted at Merrist Wood College in agriculture and horticulture. His destiny lay ahead. He boarded an ocean liner bound for Canada and celebrated his 21st birthday at sea. His father arranged a trip for Harry to introduce his bride to Switzerland – and his family -and, apparently, they all accepted the funny Canadian girl with the Newfoundland accent. Thereafter she was family!
Back on their farm, Harry once complimented his city born wife of her beautiful, big, brown cow-like eyes. She hit him! Nine months later they rushed to the hospital; a baby was coming but instead they came home with twins. Harry knew then, theirs would be an exciting marriage -never constant, always an adventure. Whenever an opportunity came along, “Why not?” would be their decision.
Later, buying a local newspaper, they learned new skills. Harry’s special edition won first prize in Canada. But the long hours, ten years later, plus changing times resulted in a decision to close the Teeswater News.
We Never Imagined: With word of the diagnose of cancer, Harry’s family stepped into action, seeing to necessary trips to hospitals, providing homemade meals he could manage, and visiting him as often as possible. All messages of love for both their mom and dad. Daughters-in-law Myriam and Mireille were equally heartbroken, and his grandchildren could not imagine that their beloved Pa would not recover.
Harry had come to feel so much at home in Nova Scotia. Carolyn, too, appreciated the kind words and the concern that perfect strangers showed – some, names unknown, offering help one day when help was badly needed. Harry’s family spoke of the endless kindness of the doctors, nurses and pharmacists; they treated Harold like a favorite uncle. He loved their thoughtfulness!
To the end, Suzanne, Robert, and David were there for Harry’s needs even as they watched over their mother; they understood her anguish. Theirs had been an amazing marriage of over 64 years.
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