Dream big and work hard

by Doug Kennedy

Morgan Baker, who played minor hockey with the Kincardine Kinucks and Saugeen-Maitland Lightning, just finished her fourth year at the University of Regina, playing goal for the Cougars.
A graduate of the Bluewater Hawks junior program, Baker says her four years with the Cougars has been a great experience and she will leave the university having made lifetime friends from across the country.
“Together, we pushed each other to be good athletes and better individuals,” said Baker.
She credits her dad Dave for being her biggest supporter and lifetime goalie coach. Both her parents have pushed her to dream big and work hard to achieve those goals. Her plans for the future are to get a masters degree in occupational therapy and to continue her involvement in hockey as a player and coach. Baker runs a goalie school in Kincardine every August and it would be well worth it to register your daughter or son if they’re looking to improve their skills between the pipes.
Thumbs-up to the great, true stories about sports on Netflix – Miracle Season. Caroline Found was a top volleyball player in Iowa City who was killed in an accident at the start of the season. West High School rallied to win their last 15 games to go to the state championships for the second straight year and winning a second straight championship, despite losing their best player and an outstanding student and athlete.
Walk-Ride-Rodeo is a great movie on Netflix about Amberley Snyder, who was a top rodeo barrel rider. She had a bad truck accident that paralyzed her from the waist down for life. She was back on a horse within four months, winning rodeo barrel events by wearing a seat belt and harness to keep her upright on her horse. She is the daughter of former Blue Jays outfielder Cory Snyder.
Drew Brees and his wife have donated $5 million to assist with Covid -19 initiatives in New Orleans.
Thumbs-down to the Toronto Sun for not replacing legendary sportswriter Bob Elliott with someone to write about the Canadian baseball scene. He always wrote about upcoming players who would be drafted, and gave an update of all Canadian players at the minor-league level. He would dig into things behind the scenes that were interesting about Canadians. We need to have that kind of coverage from our national sports media. On the positive side, Elliot continues to write about Canadian baseball on his www.canadianbaseballnetwork.com website. A subscription costs $2 monthly and covers the game from the grassroots to major league levels.
I have something to write about rather than sports. It is an important time to reach out to family and friends by phone or video. Call an old friend’s parents or a cousin you do not talk to that much but were close to growing up. This is really important to communicate with people during this time. Cathy and I try to make a couple of calls every night. It’s going to be a tough few months and we need to lean on each other to help us through this. For example, seniors love to meet at local restaurants every morning for a couple of hours, so these calls can help to fill that void.

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