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Summer has finally arrived, and we can see the increase in traffic on the streets, in the stores and on the beach. As I look forward to our second summer lakeside, I am still startled to realize how popular I have become among friends looking for a place to park for a few days, in a place that has close access to the beach, the downtown and great events. My niece recently spent a few days with us. We had a lovely time exploring the town and seeing the sights. A very good thing about having company is that it compels you to go out and see attractions that you might overlook in everyday life. How many people living in Toronto have never been to the CN Tower, or those in Niagara region that don’t make it down to the falls unless visitors come to town? Many, I’ll bet. With the first very hot days of the season upon us, we have been spending time down
at the beach – cooling off, collecting rocks and enjoying the peoplewatching. One thing that did surprise and disappoint me was the amount of garbage left behind on the beach. We found rusty cans (so dangerous for visitors with bare feet), plastic cutlery, beer caps galore, and a variety of other items lying in the sand. It doesn’t take much to pick up after yourself and dump these items in garbage cans that are provided along the shore. We shouldn’t need paid staff to clean up after us. The shoreline and the lake are such beautiful, natural landmarks that sit right at our doorstep. Let’s pledge to take care of them the same way we would our own homes and we’ll have them for everyone to enjoy for a long time to come.


Tammy Schneider

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