Alert me anytime

By Tammy Schneider

Another late night Amber Alert, and another flurry of complaints and calls to 911 about the unexpected middle-of-the-night alarm. I just sigh when I think of how little compassion some people have for their fellow man.
While the full details of this particular situation may not be made public, initial reports indicated that an older gentleman had simply disappeared with his two young grandchildren in tow. I cannot imagine the hysteria and worry the family experienced in the hours that followed. I hope I never have to. If there is a blessing in this it is that all three were found, safe and sound, in the early hours of the next day.
My frustration over this comes from the news that people were calling 911 to grumble about how their sleep was interrupted. This is an emergency service and not a complaint line. There are only so many lines open, and the thought that someone in immediate need of emergency care can’t get through is infuriating.
I’d like to see anyone who has made these frivolous calls fined. Perhaps a fine of $500 or $1,000 will make them think twice before picking up that phone to complain.

On a lighter note, kudos goes out to the organizers of this year’s Bruce Telecom Lighthouse Blues and Jazz Festival. The festival has already been recognized by the province as one of the top 100 festival and events in Ontario for five years running, and looking at the crowds and talent line-up for the 2019, the festival is growing and getting better every year.
Artists from as far away as Texas and Mexico entertained crowds of all ages. The free concerts and activities for kids on Queen Street on Saturday brought an element of fun to shoppers and restaurant goers. I met so many people from out of town and couldn’t help but think what a boon this festival is for the local economy.
The concert on the main stage at the Bruce Steakhouse offered non-stop entertainment for diners and those blues fans just there to lounge in a chair, enjoy the sound or get up and dance. Either way, the atmosphere was friendly and positive as people were connected by the gorgeous shoreline and their love of music.

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