Siren testing scheduled for July 15

The Municipality of Kincardine owns, operates and maintains nine public alerting sirens within three kilometers of the Bruce Power nuclear generating station. The sirens are meant to alert the public of an incident at the Bruce Power site.

In the unlikely case of a nuclear incident, residents will be notified through public alert systems, such as a telephone call or sirens.

If the sirens are activated, the public is asked to follow three steps: go, listen and follow.

Go – inside your home and turn on a radio, television or computer.

Listen – to media reports.

Follow – instructions provided by the provincial government and your emergency management notification systems.

As with any emergency, remember to stay calm.

Public alerting sirens are tested annually in July for up to three minutes at full volume. These tests confirm the activation and the function of the public alerting sirens.

The sirens are part of the notification system for those within three kilometers of the Bruce Power site. The system is activated by the Municipality of Kincardine on behalf of Bruce Power and the province of Ontario. The public alerting sirens are an important part of emergency preparedness.

Further information is available by contacting community emergency management coordinator, Shane Watson, at 519-396-2141 ext. 4 or by emailing

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