Refugee family arrives in Kincardine


By Tammy Schneider

The Kincardine Refugee Committee announced last week that its sponsored family have, after delays caused by the pandemic, arrived in Kincardine, after a 24-hour journey that began in Lebanon. The family entered Canada on Sept. 10.

The family of six are settling into their new home and are now observing the madatory 14-day period of isolation and quartantine.

Once the quarantine is complete, the committee plans to let the family decide what level of public communication they are comfortable with. The committee realizes many well-meaning people in the community will want to know where they live so they can drop by to welcome them. They have opted to not release that information until the family is ready for that to happen and says the family’s privacy is of major importance.

Committee member Kathy Fraser says the family is “so glad to be here, and they are filled with gratitude for the generosity of the community in making this new life possible.”

Committee members and friends of the committee have stocked the house with furniture and supplies and tidied the gardens, so the family can relax as they get accustomed to their new surroundings.

“We will provide the community with more updates in the coming weeks, but we first wanted to thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts for your financial support, especially through these trying times, the countless household items you’ve donated, and your ongoing support of giving Syrian refugees a fresh start on life in our safe and beautiful town,” said Fraser.

Anyone wishing to donate to the committee can send a message via Facebook.

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