Moore takes silver in Spain

by Hannah MacLeod
Kenzie Moore, 18, recently competed nationally in the Dance World Cup in San Sebastian, Spain.
Moore’s journey began with the opportunity to audition for the World Performers Canada team after doing well in a virtual competition during COVID-19.
“I decided with taking a fifth year and committed it to being a year of growth for myself, I went for it and decided to push myself,” she said. “I ended up hearing back a few days later that I had gotten on the team and started rehearsals in October. After a couple weeks of choreography, we had rehearsals in Toronto until June.”
From June 24 to July 2, Moore represented Canada among 40 other competing countries. Both her acro large group and her contemporary large group placed seventh. It was during her acro solo that she placed second, receiving a silver medal.
“I feel so lucky to have gotten this experience, I keep looking back on the trip in disbelief,” said Moore. “It was the most wonderful, life changing experience meeting so many new friends within the group I competed with, as well as with others from different countries.”
“It was so surreal to be able to make a connection with other dancers who may not have spoken the same language but shared the same love for dance as we did,” she continued. “I finally understand how people fall in love with someone who doesn’t speak the same language, because if you have something that connects you with another person, a shared love of something, it really doesn’t matter.”
Other than dancing, Moore and her family were able to sight-see in San Sebastián.
“It was just the loveliest city, we ate some delicious food and adapted to a different culture,” Moore reflected. “I loved every single minute of it, I’m so grateful for every memory, every nervous feeling I had before walking on stage, and every person I was able to meet because of this experience.”
Moore has danced for six years in Lucknow at Danceology MWO under the mentorship of Jenna Andrew and Courtney Dunlop.
“I will always have a special place in my heart for the studio and the dancers I felt so fortunate to dance with,” said Moore. “I can’t thank both of them enough for all they’ve done for me; creating an environment that felt like a home away from home and teaching me to grow as not just a dancer but as a person.”
Moore graduated from high school last year and took a fifth year at Kincardine District Senior School this past school year. She will be heading to the University of Guelph in the fall, to study Art and Science. She is hoping to join the varsity dance team at Guelph, and is auditioning sometime in September.
“As far as what’s next in life, my goal in the Art and Science program is to get my degree to become a Speech Pathologist,” she concluded.

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