Health Unit discourages non-essential travel

The Grey Bruce Health Unit has issued a statement discouraging travel from region to region or zone to zone, unless for essential needs, based on public health guidance.

Essential reasons for travel include work, school or for medical reasons. Recreational, non-medical, social or leisure-related reasons for travel are not considered to be essential and are discouraged as per the provincial direction.

As Grey Bruce is now in the green stage of the provincial COVID-19 Response Framework, the region faces the ongoing concern of individuals travelling to our area from zones that are in red or lockdown.

The Health Unit says non-essential travel will have an impact on many sectors. It strongly asks residents of Grey Bruce to double-down on their commitment to the three w’s – wash hands frequently, watch distance (ideally two metres) and wear a face covering correctly.

The Health Unit is encouraging personal service businesses (barbers, stylists, spas and others) to consider recommendations to assist those concerned with inter-regional travel.

These businesses are being asked to limit or avoid accepting appointments from customers outside of this region, delay booking appointments until inter-regional travel resumes, supply colour kits for out-of-region clients for pick up or delivery as an alternate to appointments and to offer curbside pickup and delivery for those who live outside the region.

In minor sports, leagues should limit play and practice to only teams within Grey and Bruce Counties. Teams and leagues from the red or grey zones should not be playing with teams in Grey and Bruce Counties. Leagues should avoid providing facility rentals to teams from those areas that prohibit team sports.

League officials are asked to coordinate teams to create a league that contains no more than 50 players. The league may only play and practice with members of the same league. An association or league should not expand leagues/bubbles/cohorts or join another league for additional play or practice if the resultant group has more than 50 players. Players and coaches should only participate in one league.

Time spent in change rooms should be limited. Use change rooms for changing only or arrive dressed for play. Do not use change rooms for socializing, sharing food or beverages or other activities.

Players are asked to avoid physical contact during play. Equipment should be cleaned and disinfected regularly and not shared with other players.

When possible, players should play outside rather than indoors. The Municipality has information for outdoor facility protocols.

The Health Unit says these are recommendations, not regulations.

Additional recommendations include staying home if you have symptoms. If you are tested and your symptoms have resolved, you must still isolate until you receive results of the test.

Limit carpooling and socializing to those within your household.

Wear a mask or face covering in a manner that covers your mouth and nose when in an indoor area. For more information and exemptions, please see: FAQ for Wearing Masks and Face Coverings

Maintain a two-metre physical distance.

Practice frequent hand hygiene by using an alcohol-based hand rub or washing your hands with soap and water.

The public health unit’s website provides information and guidance and can be accessed at or the provincial website at

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