County conducts homelessness survey

Bruce County’s human services department conducted a homelessness enumeration on Monday, Oct. 18, as part of an Ontario Ministry of Housing mandate. The review will provide a one point-in-time tally of the number of people experiencing homelessness in Bruce County. The enumeration also collected demographic information using a set of standard questions.

“The homelessness enumeration is a means to garner information about the number of people who are homeless, the services they currently use, and potential gaps in services,” said Christine MacDonald, director of human services. “This information will help Bruce County build a strong housing response system for vulnerable residents.”

Volunteers and members of community organizations were on hand to identify homeless individuals and guide them through an anonymous survey, as well as answer any questions they had and connect them with available supports.  Besides the hub locations, mobile teams moved throughout the region to gather information from those unable to make it to a hub.  The County wanted to connect with anyone sleeping on the street, couch-surfing or temporarily housed.

“Bruce County is committed to planning, delivering, and advocating for responsive services that help individuals and families enhance their level of participation and quality of life in our communities,” said warden Janice Jackson. “Bruce County strives to provide accessible services that remove barriers and create opportunities.”

In Kincardine, surveys were available at the Penetangore Hub at 529 Gary Street in Kincardine, the new human services administration hub and affordable housing complex. Hubs were also located in Port Elgin, Wiarton, Tobermory and Walkerton.

The data collected from the surveys will be submitted to the province by the end of the year, with a report on its results to follow.

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